Online Personal Programming

Our online personal programming is tailored to your specific fitness goals and requirements.  

Included each month:


  • The number of programmed days will vary based on individual goals and needs.
  • Programming will be based on the equipment that you have access to (none, a home gym, public gyms, etc).  We will discuss this during our initial programming session.

  • Programming will be accessed via an easy-to-use app so we can track your sessions and progress.
  • Daily check-ins through the app will ensure consistency.

General Nutritional Consultation

  • Based on your goals, we will set nutritional habits starting week one and build from there.

Weekly Personal Check-In

  • Via Zoom or phone, this weekly check-in will ensure you are staying on track with both health and fitness goals and answer any questions you may have.


  • $200/month for a 3-month commitment
  • $175/month for a 6-month commitment

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“I’ve been working with Allen for almost three years and he continues to help me set and crush my fitness goals.  I never concentrated on the big three lifts until now and I am seeing strength gains week after week even while dealing with a problem knee.  Allen has extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition and how they work together from his years of working with athletes at all levels.”


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